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Wakefield Cathedral Spire Charlie Fuller 1946


Colin Fuller (OC) recently sent this photograph taken in 1946.  His father, Charlie, had just been appointed the Cathedral Verger, having returned from serving in the army during the Second World War.  


Provost Hopkins asked (probably ordered!) Charlie to check the work that the steeplejacks were carrying out on the spire.  The photograph shows Charlie between the two steeplejacks climbing the ladder on the south side of the spire.  Colin is looking up the spire from the parapet of the tower.  


What a start to a long and distinguished career at the Cathedral!  

WCOCA Officials and Committee Members


Chair: John North


Treasurer: Andrew Revans


Clergy Representative:  Canon Leah Vasey-Saunders

Committee Members:

       Rob Barraclough, David Dean, James Holt,         Neil Hopwood, Reuben Vasey-Saunders

I hope all of you and your families have stayed safe over the past months.  Covid-19 has certainly had a big impact on all our lives in so many different ways.  


The Association, as you would expect, has remained dormant.


During the last week of October, however, the Association began to reawaken when the Committee met for a virtual meeting on Zoom to discuss how we can move forward in these difficult times.  


Best wishes,

John North

Chair, WCOCA


The annual Advent Sunday Lunch followed by the Association’s AGM cannot take place this year.  


However, the 2020 AGM is going to be held and will take place on Zoom on Tuesday evening, 17thNovember at 7.30pm.  As none of us will have to leave the comfort of our homes to attend, the Committee hopes that many of you will join us for the meeting.  Once the Committee and Officers are elected for the forthcoming year, there will be the opportunity to hear about how the Cathedral has functioned during lockdown, what was learned from the experience and what can be built upon for the future.  There is also going to be interesting report about the choir, its return to singing at services and future plans.  


To make it a social event, we suggest you have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer to hand so we can have a toast to friendship and good health.  Please make an effort to attend.  It would be good to at least have a virtual gathering of OCs this year.


This year’s Advent Carol Service was going to include the new composition by Paul Fincham.  As was mentioned in January’s newsletter, the piece has been commissioned by the Association.  The first performance will now take place at next year’s Advent Carol Service.  Hopefully, we will be able to meet for the Advent Sunday Lunch and AGM before attending the service.  Advent Sunday in 2021 falls on 28th November.  Fingers crossed!      

AGM Tuesday, 17th November 2020 at 7.30pm

Music Staff News


Following the resignation of Tom Moore at the beginning of August, James Bowstead, the Cathedral’s Assistant Director of Music, was appointed as Acting Director of Music for the next twelve months.  James Pecksmith has been appointed as Assistant Organist for the coming year.  Congratulations, James and Robert!

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Annual Dinner 2021: Friday, 8th May


Although the Annual Dinner could not take place this year, we have a date booked in the Cathedral Diary for the 2021 event.  Chris Lewis, the Head of Music at QEGS, who was to have been our guest speaker in 2020, has said that he is available to attend.  It is also hoped that “Close Shave”, the school’s excellent barbershop group, will provide entertainment during the evening.  As usual, Evensong will be sung at 6.30pm with pre-dinner drinks preceding the meal.  More information regarding the Dinner will be included in the January newsletter.