Wakefield Cathedral Old Choristers' Association


Where are you now?


Cantoris 1954_55 Choristers with Archbishop Michael Ramsey 1957

Recognise anyone from these pictures taken in the 1950s?

These two pictures have been provided by James Holt.  The photo of Cantoris was taken around 1954-55.  John Holt was Head Boy at the time and is pictured nearest the camera.  In the middle of the row is a very young Stan Deighton.  The back row comprises of: Copley; Briggs; Biltcliffe; Holt; Winstanley; Barrett; Dunn; and Pickering.  At least three of those men - Biltcliffe, Holt and Pickering - were present at the meeting in the Chapter House (now the Choir Vestry) when the WCOCA was founded back in 1966.


The second was taken c.1957 at St Peter's Convent in Horbury when the then Archbishop of York, Michael Ramsey, visited and the boys were invited to sing. We were given tea afterwards, although by the look of the plates on the tables, there wasn’t much of it!  The smiling faces at the back are: Richard Bromley, Michael Davies and John Milnes.  In front of them is somebody called Baines, although I can’t remember his first name.  Immediately to the left of the Archbishop is Roger Coley and to the right of the Archbishop are James Holt and Christopher Hocking.  Hopefully, this photo might jog a few memories.                                                                                      Both photographs provided by James Holt.