Wakefield Cathedral Old Choristers' Association


Wakefield Cathedral Choir Centenary Year 1988

Neil Hopwood is second from the right on the back row.  To the left of Keith Wright on the second row, is John Allen, Provost, followed by Jonathan Bielby and David Baxter.  Other OCs are to be found on the back row: Paul Crabbe (second from the left); Bill Brotherton (fourth from the left); and John Holt third from the right).


Simon Pearce went on to study music at Hull University and is now Assistant Organist at St. David's Cathedral.

Wakefield Cathedral Choir 1984

Wakefield Cathedral Choir 1984

Wakefield Cathedral Choir 1988

We believe the tall young man on the right of the back row between Jack Copley and Richard Haigh is Richard Lancaster.

Where are you now?

Neil Hopwood has kindly sent these two choir photographs of 1984 and 1988.  The Head Choristers were Guy Parker in the 1984 photograph and Simon Pearce in the centenary year of 1988.


In front of Gareth Green , Assistant Organist in 1984, is Matthew Lowe and to the left of Guy Parker is Ian Lowe.  Matthew Lowe was a previous secretary of the WCOCA.


Keith Wright (OC) followed Gareth as Assistant Organist and is seated third from the right on the second row in the 1988 photogrpah.  He later left Wakefield to become Assistant Organist at Durham Cathedral.  Since September of this year, he has been a member of the music department at St. Peter's School, York.  He has kindly agreed to take part in the November 2013 Cathedral Concert, mentioned on a previous page.

Can you name any other choristers in these two photographs?  If you are one of them, what are you doing now?